Glitch Season F.A.Q. – How To Find A Glitch!


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Glitch season is the magical time of year where retailers make more more mistakes than they otherwise would. For most couponers, it’s the best time of year—and it’s officially underway! 
?what is a glitch? A glitch can be almost anything—a discount in stores applying twice, a freebie online, or a gift card ringing up for free (wink wink). Glitches are random, can happen any time, and often don’t last longer than an hour or two at most.
?How do you find glitches? Most glitches are found by accident while someone is trying to complete a transaction. There are little tricks you can always try, such as rewards programs, gifts with purchase, and stacking coupons, but most are still found randomly. Also she arch under the coupon community hashtags & follow glitchers (like myself) in order to see what others have found.
?What should you do if you find a glitch or see one posted? RUN! Glitches don’t last long and even a few minutes delay can result in missing out. Order as many as you feel comfortable in case you get charged full price, which can & does happen. I recommend getting a burner card for these purposes, AKA a prepaid visa with a set amount.
?Who should you tell? If you wanna call ya mama, sister, glitch group, go for it, but don’t EVER TAG, CALL, OR HASHTAG THE STORE! Stores can AND DO check their social media. You WILL get found out if you rat out the glitch and you WILL be blocked by the majority of the coupon community.
?Glitch season can be amazing and extremely beneficial for most. Any other questions? Ask below! ?

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